Hello, I'm Cendrine Marrouat, a photographer. Ask me anything about reminigrams, a style of digital photography I invented.

Cendrine Marrouat
Jul 30, 2018

I have always loved black-and-white photos. Tintypes and daguerreotypes, in particular, make my heart skip a beat. I also love the graininess and texture of Ansel Adams’ images.

Actually, I could write a book to describe my emotions when looking at old-fashioned photography.

My personal experiments with the black-and-white format started a couple of years ago. One day, I turned one of my shots into black and white and was immediately hooked.

A year later, I became interested in emulating old-fashioned images digitally. After some research, I realized that the process was very specific and that it would be impossible to do. However, when I got as close as I could, I decided to create my own style. I coined the term “reminigram” as a result.

The word combines two ideas: ‘reminiscence’ (a memory or the act of recovering it) and ‘-gram’ (something written or a drawing). Each reminigram depicts a scene from a past that could have been. You can see my ongoing series at https://www.cendrinemedia.com/Portfolio-Series/Reminigrams/

Cendrine Marrouat says:

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In a previous answer, you state that you start your reminigrams by selecting a picture you have already taken. In this context, can reminigrams be actually considered a style of photography or more like an art style that focuses on post-processing in order to convey a specific sense of nostalgia or melancholy?
Aug 7, 11:30AM EDT0

Hello Eadiatu,

The beauty of art is that each person is free to decide its worth. So, even though I consider reminigrams a style of digital photography, others may see it differently. The choice is yours. ;-)

Aug 7, 3:59PM EDT0
How has your photography inspired your writing for your books?
Aug 6, 4:53PM EDT0

Hello Dennis,

I released my first book in 2006, so a long time before I started taking photos. I have only been doing it seriously since 2014. 

Since that time, I have only released photography books, so the writing has been minimal. 

Aug 6, 6:22PM EDT0
Have you had any formal photography training and if not how did you get to where you are today?
Aug 6, 11:40AM EDT0

Hello Ella,

No formal training here, like many. But I spent four years educating myself on photography. I have also been practicing weekly.  I take photos as often as I can and I always learn something new. 

Aug 6, 6:20PM EDT0
What has your journey in photography taught you about yourself?
Aug 5, 2:01PM EDT0

Hello Jether,

Photography is a late endeavor for me. But I have been an artist for more than a decade now. I dabbled into poetry, spoken word and theatre before taking photos seriously. 

My whole career has taught me that I have the ability to do anything I wanted, as long as I practice hard and work smartly. It has helped me build my self-confidence and push myself out of my comfort zone. I am very badly coordinated, so photography has really been beneficial in that area. 

Aug 5, 5:53PM EDT0
What feedback have you gotten from other photographers about reminigrams?
Aug 5, 12:43AM EDT0

Hello Deanne,

Many of my reminigrams are available on my website and photographers have never really mentioned anything. I think it is due to the fact that they are more into regular photography. 

The general public seems to like them though. :-)

Aug 5, 5:50PM EDT0
What technical aspects of the digital post-processing are the key when creating a reminigram?
Aug 4, 6:45PM EDT0

Hello Mennah,

I would say that it's more of a matter of having an eye for details. 

Aug 5, 5:48PM EDT0
What is the difference between your reminigrams, tintypes, and daguerreotypes?
Aug 3, 7:32AM EDT0

Hello Ab3lardo,

Reminigrams are digital, while tintypes / daguerreotypes are analog. 

Aug 3, 12:07PM EDT0
How long does it take you to produce a standard reminigram? What kind of images are more challenging to turn into reminigrams and take longer?
Aug 2, 11:45PM EDT0

Hello Jatinder,

It takes about half an hour on average. 

I have never really paid attention to the type of images. I would say that it is more about the details to which I want to bring attention in the reminigrams...

Aug 3, 2:02AM EDT0

In the artistic sense, is it possible to generate the same feelings of nostalgia or melancholy through post-processing while maintaining the colours of the image? Why or why not?

Aug 2, 4:01PM EDT0

Hello Roman,

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Every person reacts differently. So while I think it is possible, others may disagree. To each their own.

The goal of art is to trigger emotions, not matter what they are. 

Reminigrams are usually in black and white. 

I am not sure I understand your second question. Could you rephrase it? 

Aug 2, 4:14PM EDT0
What has the response to your images been? Have you seen doors opened due to your unique style?
Aug 2, 3:39AM EDT0

Hello Sursin31,

The response to my reminigrams has been positive. But I haven't seen any door open thanks to them, as I don't really promote them. My other photography has landed me many interviews and a few features in magazines. 

Aug 2, 11:03AM EDT0
How much time do you spend researching your clients? What are your pre-production steps like?
Aug 1, 6:37PM EDT0

Hello Red_Sun,

I don't work with clients per say. People purchase my prints directly from my website. 

I have already answered the second question. :-)

Aug 1, 6:59PM EDT0
Lighting is a key factor in any successful photograph: are there any rules that you follow when considering the lighting for your shots?
Aug 1, 8:18AM EDT0

Hello Dayamejias,

My reminigrams start as regular photos. So, nothing is different from my regular photography. 

I love the play between light and shadow, so I try to include it. 

Aug 1, 11:23AM EDT0
What attracts you to your subjects? What are the typical preparations that need to be made before a shoot?
Aug 1, 1:59AM EDT0

Hello Shreya,

I'm a nature photographer, so I don't need preparation. 

I'm attracted to stories rather than subjects. 

Aug 1, 11:22AM EDT0
What do you suggest to a new photographer that can help them develop their own photographic style? How long did it take you to find your groove?
Aug 1, 12:12AM EDT0

Hello Grace,

Learn the basics: light, composition, rule of thirds, ISO, shutter speed, etc. Also study the styles of the best photographers in your areas of interest. And practice, practice, practice. Give yourself challenges every time you have your camera with you. 

Developing your own style is really about seeing stories that others may not see and having a lot of fun. 

It took me a few years to find my groove. While I never compare myself to others, I keep a critical eye on my work as often as possible. I never stop learning! 

Aug 1, 12:42AM EDT0
What is your workflow for your images? Do they mostly consist of single images or also some composites?
Jul 31, 1:02PM EDT0

Hello Anshu,

I have already answered the question about workflow. 

I don't work with composites, as I believe that a story can be told in one image. 

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Jul 31, 1:24PM EDT0
Were you ever unsure of your talents? When did you realize you could make it?
Jul 31, 7:40AM EDT0

Hello Camille,

Everybody experiences self-doubt in their life. The most important thing is to embrace it. 

I realized that I could be a photographer in 2014. 

Jul 31, 1:25PM EDT0
What is your one must-have piece of gear? What can you not live without?
Jul 31, 3:05AM EDT0

Hello Evoh,

My camera, of course. ;-)

Jul 31, 1:26PM EDT0
What motivates you to continue taking pictures economically, politically, intellectually or emotionally?
Jul 30, 7:47PM EDT0

Hello Paola,

I'm sorry, I don't understand your question. Could you rephrase it? 

Jul 30, 10:52PM EDT0

When you are out with your camera what do you see that arrests you and you have to take the photograph? Clouds? Colour to tranlate in to black and white? Landscapes? Sea? People? Activities?

Jul 30, 4:27PM EDT0

Hello Marilyn,

It depends on the time and location. I'm a nature photographer, so I focus on the stories before the subjects. 

Jul 30, 5:07PM EDT1
How did you get from being an aspiring photographer to actually doing it full time, for a living?
Jul 30, 3:47PM EDT0

Hello Vicmac11ve,

Photography is not a full-time activity. It's one of the things I do. Making a living from photography is almost impossible. Only a few do it, but that's because they don't just take photos. They teach, give lectures, have sponsors, etc. They have diversified. 

As far as getting from aspiring to professional, it's all about practicing, working hard, and wanting it. ;-) 

Last edited @ Jul 31, 1:27PM EDT.
Jul 30, 5:05PM EDT0